RV6 V3 Long Tube J-Pipe Kit for '04-'08 TL & TL-S – RV6 Performance

RV6 V3 Long Tube Jpipe Kit for 04-08 TL & TL-S

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RV6 released the first production Jpipe in 2007. Over the next couple of years we worked with the community and did much research and development on the optimal Jpipe. The accumulations of experience lead to the V3 long tube Jpipe.

Over 10 revisions were made to the initial prototype in order to equalize runner length and most importantly maximize ground clearance. Hours of dyno time were spent testing everything from tubing sizes, to length in order to tune this Jpipe for maximum useable gains.

By tucking one tube behind the other, we were able maximize runner length and maintain ground clearance.

Dyno tests were performed on an unmodified 05 automatic base TL with 55k miles using a AWD Mustang dyno. We choose this vehicle because it is most common among the community. Higher gains are to be expected with the manual base and TL-S.

13 WHP peak gained 7 WTQ peak gained


  • Full Stainless 304 Construction
  • 2.25" Primaries 2.5" Outlet
  • Triple lined hiss free flex pipes
  • Fully TIG Welded
  • No cutting or welding Required
  • Maximum Road Clearance


  • 3 X M10-1.5 Bolt Set (HBS00001)
  • 6 X M10-1.25 x Flanged Lock Nut (HFLN00002)
  • 2 X 2.25" Precat to Jpipe Gasket (GA00012)
  • 1 X 2.5" Jpipe to Exhaust Gasket (GA00014)