This warranty of RV6 Performance LLC to the original retail purchaser of parts and when originally installed will substantially conform to the product description and all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a 24 month period from the date of purchase and will perform in accordance with provided original installation instructions if properly installed, used and serviced on Purchaser’s vehicle.

If the product become defective within the warranty period, the purchaser needs to submit the defective product to RV6 Performance LLC with the sales receipt stating the defects and the circumstances under which the defect occurred in which case RV6 Performance LLC will examine, and upon establishing purchasers validity claim, at its sole discretion repair the product, or exchange, which shall fully satisfy and discharge all warrant claims.  The purchaser is responsible for all costs involved in sending defective product back to RV6 Performance LLC as well as proper packaging.

This warranty applies to only the product installed in the vehicle models that it was intended for and does not extend to any other products.

The above warranties are given by RV6 Performance LLC with respect to this product and related items of any other warranties, express or implied. RV6 Performance LLC disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any similar standard imposed by applicable legislation. RV6 Performance LLC responsibility to repair, or replace, the defective product and related items is the sole and exclusive remedy provided to the customer  for breach of these warranties to the extent allowed by local law, except for the obligations specifically set forth in this warranty statement, in no event shall RV6 Performance LLC be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profits) whether based on contract, tort, or  any other legal theory and irrespective of whether RV6 Performance or the vendor has advance notice of the possibility of such damages.

Users of motor vehicles with the RV6 Performance products should at all times take necessary precautions against damage to persons or property resulting from malfunction of the products. All defective parts and products become the property of RV6 Performance LLC. RV6 Performance LLC may require the return of parts and products.

The warranty does not cover converter failure due to poor running/performing engine, anti-lag, excessive fuel, nitrous oxide, superchargers, oil, antifreeze, or improper O2 sensor function.

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