Exedy FK8 Stage 1 OE Clutch Kit for RV6 1.5T Retro Flywheel with OE Release Bearing

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Stage 1 Exedy FK8 Clutch kit for RV6 1.5T Retro Flywheel. Upgraded FK8 Clutch with stiffer spring. Factory clutch feel that holds ~430TQ. (Rated 344TQ with 25% safety Factor)

Stage 1 an stage 2 require clutch master cylinder upgrade to avoid shifting lockout. 

1 x FK8 Exedy Stage 1 Pressure Plate
1 x FK8 Exedy Stage 1 Friction Disc
1 x 22810-57A-006 Honda OE Release Bearing
1 x 1.5T Clutch Alignment Tool
6 x Pressure Plate Bolts
1 x Pack of Lube