RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel for 2016-2021 Honda Civic 1.5T Base & SI With Blemish – RV6 Performance

RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel With Blemish


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Looking for a factory feeling clutch that can hold real power? Check out the RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel. This flywheel allows you to run a 17+ Civic Type R (FK8) clutch disc and pressure plate in your 1.5T Si or any 1.5T manual equipped car. With factory FK8 clutches holding over 400FT/LB of torque and available at any dealer. This is a great option for those that want upgrade without a leg workout. This flywheel also allows you to run the plethora of upgraded aftermarket FK8 clutches and pressure plates for those looking to push the limits.

Is it lightweight? RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel 42% lighter than stock. We could have gone lighter however the issue with running a flywheel that is too light is that your will trip the misfire detection within ECU and throw an error code never allowing you to pass inspection. Light weight flywheels are also easier to stall and harder to launch. They also make the engine run rough at lower RPMs due to the lack of inertia. The main goal of this setup is to hold power without sacrificing comfort or drivability.

- Made from high strength forged chromoly.
- Run any factory or aftermarket FK8 clutch and pressure plate
- Retains pilot bushing for input shaft.
- 42% lighter than factory flywheel.
- Fully machined and balanced

1 X Retro Flywheel
1 X Pivot Bolt Spacer (DO NOT FORGET TO INSTALL)
1 X Pilot Bushing (Preinstalled)
8 X M12 x 1.0 x 32.5mm OHL Flywheel Bolts

RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel Package Contents Sheet

Disclaimer - Competition Use Only
Items are sold for racing competition only and not legal for use on highway or street vehicles, or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.